Pilot, 2023

Steel, ring lights, abalone shells, soy wax, pigment, epoxy resin, microphone, sound
Dimensions variable (133 x 90cm), 13’11”

For the very first episode of Blobcast, you are the guest. Shhhhh.
Voices, loved and idealized, bubbling up from underground.

What do marine algae, microscopic plankton and anoxic conditions have in common?
Take time. Terrestrial shit is unknowable.

Animate abalone - calcium carbonate on the rocks. Edging the binary between life and... this.
2 billion years have done wonders to your figure. Now clap! Hit it!

Featuring the voices of Elif Demiroğlu, Nona Inescu, Jared Marks, Mara Ploscaru, Antonia Rudel, Cosmin Țapu, Josh Williams and Tomer Zirkilevich
Photos by Adrian Escu