Fortuna Redux, 2020
Video, 5:51

Found on a shipwreck in 1901, the remnants of the Antikythera mechanism are believed to have once been parts of an ancient analogue computer which calculated astrological positions. The complex system of gears has rested under the sea for millennia. Meanwhile, on land, the mechanistic system of thought inherited from its creators has manifested capitalist ruins in which we precariously dwell. In amorphous contrast, slime molds exhibit a form of decentralized intelligence through mass cooperation, defying categorization into any of the so-called kingdoms. These forms of life exist as collaboration between hundreds of thousands of networked cells acting as a collective entity. With Fortuna Redux, MarksMara addresses our entanglement with antiquated thought and softly suggests a symbiotic blueprint for survival. Is it not time to seek out and adopt alternative modes of existing together?

Music by Nene H