FINE DAY, 2019
Site-specific performative installation, 18:00
Video documentation, 16:51

with Mihai Baltac, Carmen Casiuc, Bogdana Dima, Tatiana Moise, Maria Mora, Ada Musat, Ilona Nastase, Bianca Olteanu, Ana-Maria Predut, Valentine

“They walk by the grass and they look at the grass. They look at the sky.”

Is the car a specter of a primal human dream or an invasive species which has evolved alongside us? Enter the ghost. Exit the ghost.

Eerie promises of an automated utopia loom and still here we are, haunted by petrivores. Re-enter the ghost. Are we there yet?

Jane Lancaster and Edward Barton, It's A Fine Day
Steve Reich, Proverb
@elonmusk, “I am become meme” tweet
Jacques Derrida, Specters of Marx
Video editing: Raya Al Souliman & Horatiu Sovaiala
DOP: Boroka Biro
Commissioned by Rokolectiv Festival, 2019