The first Coca-Cola bottle I want to forget (2019-2020)
Cactus figs, bioplastic, bike chains, steel hooks, bioresin. Ginger, bike chains, steel hooks, dowels. Sunflower, bioresin, disk brake. Pomegranate, disk brake.

"And it is original because it's in a different position in space and time and light is shining on it differently so that no two Coca Cola bottles are the same."
-John Cage

After nearly two millenia underwater, the Antikythera mechanism was water-logged and colonized by lifeforms. The ancient analog computer was designed to calculate astrological positions, consisting of 37 bronze gear wheels which enabled it to follow the movements of the moon and the sun through the zodiac. It ended up harboring life at the bottom of the sea. No organic elements from its time still exist but it is still here winking at us from the deep blue darkness of history.