MarksMara is an emergent organism consisting of two symbionts: one Jared Marks (1991, Los Angeles) and one Mara Ploscaru (1987, Baia Mare, RO). The name MarksMara is a d├ętournement, a recurring concept in our practice, and visually reflects the way we work: side-by- side. We are inspired by our collaboration in itself as it enacts on a personal level the collaborative view of life proposed by symbiogenesis. Merging our respective backgrounds in performing and visual arts, we work equally instinctually and conceptually with language, moving image, objects and performance, using content from a wide variety of sources: pop culture, sci-fi, science theory and more. Searching this material for spaces where accumulation does not add but subverts meanings, it is exactly in these overlaps - these grey areas - that a vision of our entangledness in and with the world emerges. We live and work between Berlin and Romania.


Affections, UDK Berlin

Artist Chain, Arebyte Gallery, London

Mars Can Wait, Rokolectiv, Bucharest

Always a dreamer, but testing the water, Abrir Galeria, Lima/Online
Intervals of Attention, Bucharest/Online
Probabilities Around the Center, Bucharest/Online

Gesturing Towards Solitude, Halucinarium, Bucharest
Precarious Immersion, Bucharest
Born Tomorrow, 029 Gallery, Berlin